About us

Entuit Software is a South African based software development company driven by our passion & innovation, Entuit is taking software technology further towards the prosperity of the human Kind by leading them to a right path.

Our mission is to revolutionize software technology that motivate our customers, leading them to the highest level of achievement.

We know that thebest way to succeed in a digital economy is to ‘begin with the end in mind of your customers’ and we’re passionate to know what success looks like for our customers. What KPI’s need to be achieved? What’s the ROI? Using an Agile methodology, that permeates through our entire company, we’ll quickly get you to a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), launch and continually enhance the app using mined user data.

We offer whole lifecycle, or parts of process, to augment your existing mobile capability: Consulting, Requirements Analysis, Creative (UX/UI/Gamification), Mobile Developerment,Quality Assurance QA, Project Management & (continual) Optimization.


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